Wednesday, November 14, 2018

John Lennon meets Linda Reyna

This  little story was originally published in the Year 2 Number 9 issue of "The Mess" fanzine, which must have been from early in 1975.   The woman that wrote this story had some TERRIBLE things happen to her on her solo trip to NYC.   She experienced a whole lot of criminal things that I can't even imagine on this trip and yet she had one little bright spot -- she met John Lennon

The photo does not go with the story -- just another photo of  John and May from the time period. 

John Lennon meets Linda Reyna
By Linda Reyna

I recently flew to New York City and met John.   I still cannot get myself to believe it.  It was the peak of my life.  John was very kind.  I only spent five to ten minutes in his presence.  May Pang was at his side and kept hassling him to hurry up. 

He could sense that I was very nervous.  (I dropped my cigarette several times).  He started imitating me in a rather amusing way and I finally loosened up and had to laugh.  Then he remarked, "After all,  y know, it's not as if I'm The Beatles!"  Everyone laughed.  

John if you read this:  thanks for stopping!  I didn't say it then, but I will not.  Te Amo!   Finally Satisfied!

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