Wednesday, November 7, 2018

First Time Ever I Saw His Face....

A quick story from Deb Mynchenburg who was in New York to see George Harrison in concert in 1974 and saw Paul and Linda while she was at it.   It was published in the December 1974 issue of "With a Little Help From My Friends."

This photo was taken on December 29, 1974 --  a few days after this story 

First time Ever I saw his Face
By Deb Mynchenburg

Seeing Paul and Linda in one of their infamous disguises wasn't my last glimpse of Paul in New York.   the next day our group rode the bus line down to the hotel where Paul was staying at to see what we could see.  We were waiting outside a while when we decided to go inside and sit at the bar seeing as none of us had much in the way of breakfast that morning.  While sitting there we saw Heather mulling around with what someone thought was a can of cat food.  We gulped down our drinks and went back outside and proceeded to make friends with New York dogs.  Some of the local New York fans were there too and I am really glad to have gotten to meet them.  Overall, I would say the most friendly feeling but this is side-tracking.   Anyways, we waited about four hours when out popped McCartney ready to go.  He spread his arms up in a gesture of surprise.  He was gorgeous -- had on a suit and tie and Linda on the elbow with a midi on.   Both look so much better in person (I thought so).  They were so pleasant to everyone there.   They stood on the corner before popping in their awaiting limo and graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures.  Paul wished us all a Merry Christmas before he left.

I had to share a final bit with you all.  On the day of our departure, Sunday, I decided to give a present to Paul - since liquor stores are closed then, even in New York, I settled for a fruitcake which the store wrapped up for me.  There was no sign of Paul back at the hotel so I left it with the desk clerk and flew back to Cleveland.  However, I called up the desk clerk to ask what became of my present.  He informed me that he had caught Paul before he went up the elevator and asked him if he'd accept the present.  "Sure," Paul answered looking at the present, "as long as it is not a bomb."  He then looked closer and added, "Maybe I had better soak it in the bathtub before opening it."  He then went up the elevator.  I also learned from the desk clerk that Paul did not get up till after 2 the next day.  hope it wasn't because of the soggy fruitcake! 

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