Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Best Sick Day Birthday Ever!

This story was written by Kim Wikans of Valley Stream, New York and was originally published in the August/September 1978 issue of  'The Write Thing.'

Kim and Ringo at WABC on April 10, 1978

Monday,  April 10, 1978, started out special.  It was my 20th birthday.  I wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home from work.   I work at WABC radio in NYC.   About noon I got a phone call from a girlfriend at work.  She said she knew Iw as sick, but she would never be able to live with herself if she didn't let me know that Ringo was coming up to visit the station.  I wasted no time in getting my camera and heading off for work.  Sick or not, I wasn't going to miss this day.  Ringo arrived at about 4pm.  Everyone was very nice and they all introduced me to him.  He was such a gentleman -- kissing my hand and wishing me a Happy Birthday.  He then posed for a picture with me.  The thing he is holding is one of my birthday cards.  If you look closely at his tie you will see a small button that said "OGNIR RRATS".   He later gave me that button.   He was SO very nice.  It was certainly the best birthday I ever had.

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