Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Swimming to the Beatles

I have looked for photos of fans swimming towards the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl for years and here is the proof! 


  1. From what i heard they closed the pool at The Hollywood Bowi
    after a Jimi Hendrix Experience show in Sept '68.Saw Jimi
    and band get splashed with water from fans swimming out to greet him on stage.

  2. This pic is amazing!!!!! Sara does it again!!!!!

  3. I remember this visual but,wasn’t sure it was real or imagined. My dad took me and my sisters to see The Beatles @The Hollywood Bowl...I was 4, in a seat,under a blanket and listening to my shrieking sisters and my dad yelling for them to stop screaming.People we’re jumping in the water,trying to get to The Fab 4,there were these fences or gates erected on either side of the stage swelling in and out like breathing walls with people pushing against it trying to get to the band. I’m glad I found this posting from Sara...I thought that I was making it up in my mind...I was a little kid.

    1. ta for taking the time for your post