Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lennon and McCartney (the second generation)

I know this photo has been popping up all over the place lately.    It is a  nice photo.    You can see in both of these musicians the physical likeness to each of their fathers, which is why it makes everyone so excited to see.

However -- I love the fact that Sean and James get together and hang out.   James has a guitar.  Maybe they sat around and played together.   Maybe Sean will be on James' next album (Dhani was on his last one).    It warms my heart that the Beatles kids are like cousins to one another.    James and Sean don't even need to know one another.    The Beatles were long broken up by the time they were born.   Paul and John weren't spending time together.    Yet, here they are and it really warms my heart. 


  1. Its great! .. some one on one of the f/book pages (Maybe L/years) mentioned a business venture together?!

  2. I feel for both of these guys, as their fathers cast such a huge shadow over them (on the bright side: they don't have the money issues I have! lol); it's great to see James relaxed. I love that Sean titled it "Peekaboo", knowing that it would "break the internet". I was always against it when people said they should form a band together....however seeing James with a guitar, it DOES make one curious!!!