Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A German in England

The following fan story was found in the August/September 1978 issue of The Write Thing.  It was written by a fan from Gerbrunn, Germany named Rainer Adam.

The photo was taken by Rainer Adam

On Sunday, the 7th of May (1978) I went to St. John's Wood in north London, where Paul McCartney lives, if he's not at any other part of the world, and where the Abbey Road Recording Studios are as well.  I asked the doorman at the studios if Paul was there or would be coming in.  He told me Paul was downstairs!  Great news!  I waited half an hour and Linda came out.  We talked about Wings (she told me about the new drummer and guitarist and that they were planning to tour again), and also about records and football.  Later Denny came out, and I talked to him too.  We were nearly alone outside the studio.  At this time an orchestra was playing inside with Paul. 

Linda told me they were finishing the tapes for the television screen "Wings Over America" which comes out this winter.

Meanwhile, I was hungry and hurried over to a pub round the corner where Denny and some other people of the Wings roadies stood together with a pint of ale.   I had no time to talk to them for long, as Paul was still inside the studio and it was 1 o'clock.  I was sitting on the stairs to the studio when he came out.  He said he liked the photos I took of him in Berlin in 1976 and I gave one copy to Linda, on the other one I got autographs, also on the cover of "London Town" and "Mull of Kintyre" picture.  I asked for a photo and he says "later after lunch."  One hour later he came across the street with Linda and one daughter (Mary).  I shot the picture and he says to me in German "Auf Wiedersehen."  I hope so.

After this, I went to Henley on Thames where George lives in a castle.  There were some problems because of the traffic connections on Sunday, but I came to Henely finally.  It's 15 minutes by taxi from Reading railway station.  I waited ten minutes and went to the house by the entrance, where Goerge's brother lives.  But no one was there.  Then suddenly, a man comes down the street (a private road) and he was sitting on a motorbike.  He turned and went away.  Two minutes later George came down the same way.  He stopped his bike and said hello.  We talked a little bit about his new album which will come out this summer.  Ringo lives in Monte Carlo he told me.   Then I took one photo of George and the taxi driver took a photo of George and me.  It was a very fantastic day weather wise, just right for those great moments.

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