Sunday, August 5, 2018

1964 in color


  1. How amazing would it be to have a seat in order to be able to take this photo!!! Swoon...

  2. There are two amazing recordings of this concert; the first is a soundboard, the second is eyewitness commentary from announcers who are convinced there's going to be a riot, and are even suggesting that political heads are going to roll when it does! Twice the concert is stopped; The Beatles, especially John, get really annoyed about being interrupted, and carry on with the concert. (Paul immediately tells them to clap their hands and stomp their feets and "Do whatever you like!", John snaps at Derek Taylor not to come onstage again). They cut out "I Want To Hold Your Hand", that seems to be the only concession. During "If I Fell", Paul starts singing goofy and cracking himself up. Both recordings are well-worth having in your collection. When The Beatles run off stage, the announcers pronounce them as fast as bank robbers and are amazed (and relieved) that a riot was averted, complimenting whomever arranged such a getaway ('twas probably Neil!!)