Sunday, July 22, 2018

Yellow Submarine Contest winner!

Thank you to everyone that entered  The Summer 2018 Yellow Submarine contest!   It was a record-breaker!   73 people entered the contest, which blows the 52 people record way out of the water.    I enjoyed seeing what songs from the movie everyone picked and here are the tallys.   Out of 73 votes:

Hey Bulldog:   30 Votes!

Hey Bulldog is my personal favorite, but for some reason, I thought not very many other people would agree.  Boy was I wrong! 

It's All Too Much:  9 votes
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:  7 votes
Nowhere Man:  7 votes
All Together Now:  6 votes
When I'm 64:  6 votes
Eleanor Rigby:  3 votes
All you Need is Love:  3 votes
Only a Northern Song:  1 vote

There was one write-in vote for the instrumental song, Pepperland

Did you notice what song got zero votes?   The title song, Yellow Submarine!    I was shocked that NO ONE voted for Yellow Submarine! 

It was a fun survey and thanks again to everyone that entered.

I chose the two winners randomly and the winners are

#26:   Kathy Klimpel  (who voted for Hey Bulldog)
#37    Michael Byrne (who voted for It's All Too Much)

Congrats to Kathy and Michael!   Please email me your mailing addresses to by Wednesday to receive your prize. 

Look for another contest on Meet the Beatles for Real around October.    Peace and Love and Beatles 4-ever!


  1. Thanks Sara, great idea to have this competition. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Thats funny everyone seemingly missing the title song!

  3. Not missing it, just not the favorite song to the film of everyone that entered the contest.