Sunday, July 1, 2018

Meeting Paul in Greece

I found this on facebook, and it was not credited to the fan that took the photograph or wrote the story.  If you know who this lucky fan happens to be, please let us know. 

June 29, 2018

"Still buzzing like crazy !!!!
I met Sir Paul McCartney on Tuesday night !!!!
He had a real conversation with him that lasted several minutes, was very original in how it unfolded, and especially, how it ended, amazing experience !!!

And what's more, I did not bother one bit - it came to me ))
Will give details soon.

Update # 1: He's on the Greek islands, I will not tell you where until I know he's gone. Why? It's just that he did not mention where he is on any website, no British tabloid (who often takes photos and makes a report on his whereabouts) said something, no mention of it anywhere. I think that's what he wants and just because I came across it, it's not right to publish it, is it? He took pictures of the kind of advertising on the Acropolis, but ever since ... silence.

Update # 2: My daughter wanted to go shopping at a private store as we were strolling around the village, and my wife went with her. I went looking for a friend, I could not find it, so I went back to the store. I saw that my wife and daughter were almost done, so I waited outside for them. Suddenly, right in front of the store, I see Paul !!!

Update # 3: (I knew he had been on the island the night before, the whole place was buzzing about it.We had arrived that day for a pre-planned vacation.I did not know if he had stayed or moved, but we three argued and we decided that if we happened to see him, we would not bother him because he was on vacation.A smile and that's it ...)

Update 4: Quickly took the picture you saw and then hid my phone immediately. He had no idea that I had taken the photo while he was posing for someone in his group, who in turn was also being photographed by someone else in the group. (those who were kneeling) They seemed to be relatives of Nancy, although I paid little attention to them when I was stunned.

Update # 5: After about 10-15 seconds of taking pictures, they were done. Paul turned to leave, but our eyes met and he looked at me with intensity! He was 6 or 7 meters away, as in the photo. frozen in my place, stunned, just looking at him.

Update 6: He started walking toward me while still looking straight into my eyes. I could not move ...

Update # 7: When he approached me, I actually tried to wave him (still unable to move) saying "I do not want to bother you on your vacation"! He kept on approaching, put his hand on my right arm and said, "It's cool dude!" Suddenly I felt at ease, relaxed!

Update # 8: Then he comes very close to me, inches from my face, gives me his handHyde and says "Kalispera!", Which is Greek for Good Night. I shake his hand, saying, "Kalispera, my name is Vassilis." He replied "I do not speak Greek besides Kalispera", I laughed and said "do not worry, my English is very good!"

Update # 9: I tell him, "You can not imagine what your music means to me," he says "Thank you" as I take my hand with his, putting it (!!!) in a very warm, your face only an inch from mine, no more !!!
Update #10: Suddenly a scream of GOAL overwhelmed the area!Argentina had scored its first goal in the World Cup game against Nigeria (so I know the precise moment all this happened!!!) Paul turns around to look at the TV in the distance and says to me “was that Messi that scored???”.

Update #11: I said to him “Yes, I believe it was Messi!”.Seeing the replay from a distance Paul said “Nah, I don’t think it was Messi”.I said “Yes, it was Messi!”.Of course it WAS Messi who had scored, but even though the TV was too far to make out the details, I could hear what the sportscaster was saying in Greek as the TV was blaring loud!

Update #12: After that was settled, Paul turned around and looked at me with a look that said...’so, you were saying...’

Update #13: I took a deep breath, and said what I’ve always wanted to say to him, without ever having prepped the specific words, but I knew what I wanted to say and it just somehow came out right:

Update #14: (background for context, I was 14, almost 15, studying classical piano at a very strict school, the same one Maria Callas attended in Athens. I did not know the Beatles at that time, heard about them of course,but no details or specific knowledge of songs, etc, and my teacher said to me one day after an incident, “if you're going to play rock music ever, stick with the Beatles, I personally think they are as creative as Bach.” That blew my mind, I had to discover who these Beatles were! boy, did I ever! Turns out I knew many of their songs already, I just did not know about them specifically until after that moment).

Update #15: So, here's Sir Paul McCartney, his eyes literally an inch or two away from mine, like the Close Talker Seinfeld episode...and I said, “Ever since I discovered you at the age of 15, you have beena constant, daily, non-stop source of inspiration, creativity and happiness for me - and I thank you!”
Update #16: I saw his face change, it touched him.He grabbed both my arms and slowly said “Wow!Beautiful!Fantastic, fantastic!”

Update #17: Wanting to say goodbye, he lifts both hands up in the air, I lift mine, our 10 fingers interlocking, he says “be well, be good .... fantastic”.In the mean time, my 13 year-old daughter, who is a musician herself, has exited the store and is in utter disbelief seeing daddy, interlocking hands in the air with Sir Paul McCartney!!!

Experience of a lifetime!!!and for me specifically, even saying that is an understatement:))))))".


  1. I see paul had sandals. Always wondered how tall he is. Can you tell-I'm thinking about 5'8----Thanx

  2. This photo was already circulating on Facebook on the 26th of June

  3. Was it on Hydra? :)