Sunday, July 15, 2018

George's first Jag


  1. 20 years old wow. then he moved on by 64 to an E type Jag.. and they sad Her majesty got all the cash haha

  2. Who took those I wonder? and one in backseat.

    1. These photos were taken by Mike McCartney and appear in his photo book, "Remember."

      Mike tells the story of the photo shoot like this:

      "Not long after he bought the Ford, George could afford to trade it for a flash Jaguar. It was the first time I'd ever been in a car where you just pressed a button and the window wound up and down by magic. When he knocked on our Allerton front door demanding photos of his latest acquisition, I protested "But George, it's getting dark."

      "Bring your flash," came the reply.
      "And it's raining!" I added.
      "Bring your umbrella," he finalized.

  3. Possibly Beatles Monthly Book photographer Leslie Bryce? (MarkZapp)