Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Beatles Are Here!: A Book Review

This photo is the main focus of the book The Beatles are here!  50 Years after the band arrived in America, writers, musicians, and other fans remember by Penelope Rowland.    Penelope is one of the girls in the photo (the one in the middle) and through a story she wrote about her experience waiting for the Beatles outside of the Paramount theater.   One of the other girls in the photograph saw the photo and story and contacted Penelope and it seems that a book about memories on the Beatles was born.

This book is really fun.  I always enjoy reading the memories of the first generation fans and how they got into the Beatles.    The stories of the four girls in this photograph were my favorite, although it is disappointing that the girl with the hat has yet to have been found.      There are other fan stories that were light-hearted and fun. 

It was funny to read about why a certain Beatle was that girl's favorite.  Things like, "Paul was just so cute and sweet looking.  His eyes were so dreamy..."  just made me smile.    Such a simple but important time in those girl's lives. 

Diary entries were reproduced and included, which were also fun to read.

There were some entries included that I didn't like.    I don't understand why the author felt the need to include some people who disliked the Beatles.    I also thought some of the more famous names that included memories were off the mark and didn't capture the innocence and fun of being a Beatles fan in 1964 that the others did.

This is such an easy book to read because each chapter is a different little story.    It is a fun book and I am glad that I stumbled upon it.

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