Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Peter Asher and Albert Lee Concert: A review

Photo by Sara Schmidt 

Last week I was in Ohio, doing research for my book and I not only got to meet up with the girls that once ran the "With a Little Help from my Friends" fan club, but I was also invited to join them in Kent, Ohio to see Peter Asher and Albert Lee in concert. 

I wasn't quite sure if I knew who Albert Lee was, but as soon as I saw him, I recognized him.   He is the white-haired guitarist that plays in the Concert for George!    Come to find out, I have heard him many times and just never realized who he is.

Photo by Sara Schmidt 
Peter and Albert have a very laid-back set where Peter (and sometimes Albert) share the stories that go along with the songs they performed.    A lot of the show was a time-travel back to when they were teenagers and they played songs by the Everly Brothers, Elvis, etc.      Albert is an outstanding guitarist as well as keyboard player and Peter plays rhythm guitar and sings harmony.     The setlist was heavy on these songs from the 1950's but Peter did include three songs from Peter and Gordon and Albert performed an amazing version of Greenday's "Time of your Life."

Peter Asher by Sara Schmidt 

The best part of the night was hearing Peter Asher talk about being in Peter and Gordon and his experiences in the U.S and the U.K.    The stories about managing James Taylor was also interesting.   Unfortunately, Peter's voice isn't very strong.   He needed to talk-sing through "I go to Pieces" because he voice just isn't able to sing it.      Peter sounded good when he was singing harmony on a song, but his voice just didn't seem like it could handle taking the lead.

Peter Asher playing banjolele on "Lady Godiva"  by Sara Schmidt 
The concert was quite enjoyable and a calm evening out.     As I listened to the performance, I couldn't help but think how blessed we are right now that so many of the Beatle people are still alive and able to share their stories and music with us.    The group that falls into that category is getting smaller and smaller every year and so that is why you should not miss a chance to see Peter Asher and Albert Lee if you get the chance to see him.

Albert, Peter, mom and me 

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