Wednesday, May 2, 2018

LIPA visit

May 1, 2018, Paul goes to LIPA to talk to some of the students there.   I love how committed he has remained to the school.    He could have started it up and then backed away and never returned and people would still praise him for starting up the school.   But Paul has always been involved and meets with students and attends graduation ceremonies every year.     I am sure these students know just how fortunate they really are.


  1. Local lad, a matter of yards away from where he and GH sneaked into the canteen, not being old enough, to lunch with the band-leader.

  2. having graduated from LIPA, I can tell you Paul stopped by the school at least 4-5 times a year. I was there in the late 90's when he was dating Heather, NO photographs were allowed as she usually accompanied him. I wish I had been able to take pics with Paul at LIPA. I have the school graduation photo, but they confiscated everyone's camera's before graduation. I did get a chance to have a photo with Paul in 2000, outside of LIPA though, so that is a very neat thing.