Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mrs. Paul McCartney

Linda was always at her husband's side.   At the time that often came across as annoying and controlling.  However -- Linda and Paul truly loved one another and that is how they wanted their relationship to be.   Paul and Linda had a marriage that many people can only dream of.


  1. She was his rock and especially in those months after the band broke up

  2. I'm sure many, many people have very happy marriages of their own without the need for fame or wealth. Sure, Paul and Linda had a good marriage but holding it up as some sort of yardstick for people to aspire to is plainly absurd.

    1. I guess I admire it as well as my parents, because I had a bad marriage. I look at them as what could have been.

  3. glad it worked for them but to constantly be with my husband wouldn't be so well for either of us