Sunday, March 25, 2018

March for our lives

Most of you know that I am not a politically minded person.      I usually keep my thoughts on controversial matters to myself.     I wanted to post these photos of Paul and Nancy at the March for our lives gathering in New York for a few reasons.    First of all, they are photos of Paul meeting fans and that is the main focus of the blog.  The second reason is that I personally was touched by the fact that he was marching for his "best friend that was a victim of gun violence."     He was there near the Dakota building for John.    That brought tears to my eyes.   

I don't' want this post to be about guns.   Each of us has our own views on this matter and spatting things off on a Beatles blog isn't going to change anything.

I want to focus on the fact that Paul and Nancy were there for John.

With Billy Jean King 


  1. It is wonderful to see Paul, as famous as he is, just hanging out in the public. Last week we saw pictures of him on a London train, and then these pictures of him in the city, both reminders of his legitimate down-to-earthiness. It is absolutely beautiful that he marched in the shadow of the Dakota and, without actually mentioning John by name, brought his continued love for his friend to light. It was a fitting tribute and one of the great highlights (along with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt performing) of a really successful and peaceful day.

  2. Wow! What a week for Beatle people. Ringo receives his knighthood and Paul joins in the New York City march.(MarkZapp)

  3. Good on yer scousers.

  4. Politics aside: I just feel better off with PM in the world - - as opposed to the other PM.

  5. People, it's not a party.

  6. Sara - thank you

  7. It was beautiful and I ALMOST went to that march! but I started a new job two days earlier, and there was no way I could take off!

    It gave me chills when I saw that he was there, so close to the Dakota.....he gave a great, short-and-to-the-point interview to CNN which made me think of John calling him "the best PR person in the world!" :D

    Thanks for these pictures, Sara, I hadn't seen any of them!! Even in a solemn march like this, look how happy everyone is to see him there!

    These kids (and teachers) are fearless and inspiring. Even though it wasn't Beatles, I was touched that the last song of their concert was "The Times They Are A Changing". Our music will NEVER DIE! :D