Sunday, February 18, 2018

Please stand by....

The desktop computer that I use to work on this blog is having problems and I had to take it into a computer shop to get fixed.   It is going to take a little longer than I expected.   I am trying to update the blog using a laptop, but it isn't easy because I am so used to doing things on a different computer.  I do not have any access to my scanner, which really slows me down.

I think it will be easiest to just put the blog on hold a few days until I get my regular computer back.  Although if I just find something that I just HAVE to share, I can try. 

I know a lot of you look forward to this blog every day and so I hate to disappoint anyone, but I am sure you all have had computer issues at some point and can understand my frustration.

Peace and Love!

Sara S.


  1. What ever happened to Judy Pugh (London 69)in from the U.S.A?

    1. i saw her a couple of times in florida years ago. haven't heard from her in a long time. will give her a call sometime soon.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work on this blog - it is awesome!!