Tuesday, February 20, 2018

John and Yoko with Tommy

This blog has been amazing in reconnecting Beatle friends over the years.   Let's see if we can do it again!    This photo of John and Yoko (and it looks like John has a cake in his hand -- he and Yoko used to walk to a bakery and John would get chocolate cake from time to time) and a fan was taken in August of 1980.     The fan's name is Tommy Enright from Liverpool, England.      Tommy spent some time with a penpal in Connecticut in August of 1980 and they were able to meet John and Yoko a few times during his visit.    His old penpal is looking for Tommy.     Surely Tommy is out there somewhere -- maybe you know him and can help reconnect him with the woman that helped him get this photograph taken.      Here is her message:

I know the guy on this photo with John. He was a pen-pal of mine from Liverpool in the late 70’s/ early 80’s. His name is Tommy Enright. He was here in the States when this was taken. He came to stay at my house shortly after and we went back to NYC and saw John together with some other friends. I have been trying to relocate him since around 1981. We lost touch after John’s death. He was from Garston in Liverpool. Does anyone know him ? I would love to reconnect with him. I have a copy of this photo as well as photos of the day we met John together. It was in August 1980 at the Hit Factory. Would appreciate everyone’s help in relocating him. Someone out there must know him.

To add a little more mystery to this --   this photograph was seen in an obscure newspaper in Australia   How did they get a copy?    Did Tommy move to Australia?   Does he have family or friends in Australia?   

Leave a comment below if you know Tommy.   And if you don't----well then be like me and just enjoy the photograph.   


  1. remember Tommy from Liverpool but no clue where he is now

  2. he's fine & still likes the Beatles

    1. This is Tommy Enright and it's me in the picture with John & Yoko. This thread has been forwarded to me. I'd like to reconnect with my penpal Margie. Can anyone help with that? tom.enright@yahoo.com.au

  3. Hello this is Tommy Enright. I'd like to reconnect with my penpal Margie from Connecticut. Can anyone help with that? tom.enright@yahoo.com.au