Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Handshake ignored by Paul


  1. Or maybe Paul turned around a split second later and did in fact shake this man's hand. From personal experience, Paul is a hand-shaker. Any hand will do. I was witness to this at the first Adopt-A-Mindfield event. Paul came into the event lobby where people were mingling and shook as many hands as he could, including a man to my direct right adding, "Great to see you again". When I asked the man to my right if he knew Paul, he said, "Never met him before in my life".

  2. There was always so much going on around the Beatles that it would have been impossible for them to see everything going on around them including people trying to shake their hand. This gentleman may have been involved in the security detail and could have been directing them on which way to go or even had his arm raised to form a protective barrier. He doesn't seem like someone who would have wanted to shake Paul's hand at that time.(Mark Zapp)