Thursday, January 4, 2018

Photo bombing the Mulburry Bush premiere

50 years ago today -- January 4, 1968 -- some guys decided to photo bomb the press photos that were being taken of newly engaged Jane Asher and Paul McCartney at the premiere of  "Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush." 


  1. The asymmetrical line-up under those sort of pencilled eyebrows (I'm talking about PM not Jane Asher) always spelled 'Genius' to me somehow. The odd fit between left and right side - - mirroring a lyric from left-field or a scatty answer in an interview, some creative potential capable of new ways of saying/singing/composing/playing, like not even the right side of his brain could tell what the left side might come up with next.
    Even before LSD, genetically he's misaligned. Somehow 'genius' is intimated in that arched eyeline - - or maybe, had he stayed at Massey & Coggins, it just intimates Liverpudlian waggery.
    Put PM's eyeline over GH's lopsided grin and you've got the Artful Dodger.