Sunday, January 14, 2018

Paul's visit to Cuba in 2000

On January 14, 2000 Paul McCartney and some members of his family traveled from a winter holiday in the Caribbean to visit Cuba.   While there he did a variety of sight seeing, but a guy gets hungry and so he stopped at the El Morro resturnant which is located near Santigo. 

He did the usual -- ate his meal outdoors at a table that had a nice very of the water.   Finished his meal and posed for a photo for the staff at the resturnant, signed a few autographs and went on his way for more fun on holiday.    I would guess that Paul McCartney didn't think anything else about this meal ever again.

However --  the El Morro resturnant will never forget their famous visitor.   The scooped up  his place setting and saved it, saved the chair he sat in and along with an autograph  put these things on display for all to see.   Now they  have taken it a step farther!    The place where Paul once sat now has a Paul McCartney statue in the seat.   There is also a chair with a replica of Paul's autograph on it. 

All of this is obviously to help with tourism.   Who wouldn't want to get their photo snapped with a Paul McCartney statue?    And to see these things, you have to go inside the El Morro and if you are going inside, then you might as well have something to eat.    I wonder if whatever Paul orderd is now called "The Macca" dish. 

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