Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Remembering David Cassidy

David Cassidy and Yoko on January 22, 1975

First of all, my deep sympathies goes out to the fans of David Cassidy.     While I am not in the generation that was a fan of his and only know about him through TV shows about "teen idols" and things like that.     But I keep reading that in the mid-1970's David had a bigger fan club than the Beatles ever had, so I know that there are a lot of you that feel today that you have lost a little bit of your young teenage years and are mourning his loss.   

David Cassidy was a Beatles fan.   And he got an opportunity to meet John Lennon and hang out with him during John's "Lost Weekend" era in Los Angles. 

Yeah, and he (John Lennon) came to my house on New Year's eve and we got drunk and played Beatles songs and I got to sing Paul's parts. When you play in casinos, they don't like you to tell stories so much, most times they say [brusquely] "Just play your songs." So instead I just say "I was lucky enough to play Beatles songs with John Lennon till five in the morning and here was one we played." Keep it short. John and I  became good friends when he was recording Rock and Roll so I was able to come down to the studio a couple of times and if you could imagine Phil Spector walking around with a fucking gun...It was nuts.

Here is another telling of the story:
John and Yoko had a friend who was a very close friend of mine, and he brought John over to my house. He just walked in, and it was New Year’s Eve, and I remember I was in the kitchen and Susan Dey [who played Cassidy’s sister Laurie Partridge on the TV show] tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘David, there’s a Beatle in the house!’ Later, we would go into my music room, we start playing, and I of course instantly go back to the early Beatles songs that I first learned, and since then he had written another 500 songs and hadn’t played with the Beatles in however long, so I retaught him a couple of the early Beatles songs! Please Please Me, some others. John was musically my hero, but what I also loved about him was he had a remarkable sense of humor, a great passion for life. He’s probably the most unique person I’ve ever met. To get to meet him, to get to know him, to get to play with him. And I remember one of the most amazing compliments I ever heard, they were asking John about the early days of The Beatles, and he said, ‘Oh don’t ask me, I don’t remember, ask David Cassidy, he was bigger than we were.’  I read that and I went, ‘Oh my God, how did that happen?’ It was such a great experience for me to get to know him.”

An interesting side note is that May Pang claims that John was jealous of Cassidy and accused May of having an affair with the teen star.    Apparently the three had lunch together one day and John thought the two of them were doing a lot of flirting and on top of that -- they both ordered the exact same thing.    John got really mad and swore that May was cheating on him.   What other explainatin could their be to both ordering the same food at a resturnant?  

David Cassidy has a small part in Wings history as well.    The 1976 Wings over America tour was supposed to have started in April of 1976, but it had to be postponded because lead guitarist, Jimmy  McCulloch broke his finger while wrestling backstage with (you guessed it) David Cassidy during a break from rehearsals in Texas.    Your lead guitarist cannot play guitar with a broken finger, and so everyone had to wait a month for Jimmy's finger to heal before the tour could begin.  

John & Yoko piano

I wonder where this piano is today. 

Paul sees a friend

Pouring the wine

Step Inside Love

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


At the Coppa Coppa Cabana

It was brought to my attention earlier today that the photo I had posted here of a fan with John Lennon at the Coppa Cabana in 1976 was a fan edited photograph made to look like an old photograph of said fan with John.

Just a word about these photos:    I understand that it is fun to put yourself in a photo with one of the Beatles and those of you that have digital editing skills can do some amazing work to make it look like a vintage photograph.      However -- there is some danger in posting these photos to social media.    You may post the photo with a caption about how you edited yourself, but the photo can get shared over and over again until someone like myself thinks it is the real deal.   Now this is a huge compliment to you because your photo was that believable---however it scews the historical facts about the Beatles and confuses everyone.   

Please do not stop doing  your edits.   Just if you choose to share them on social media, marks them as "creative edits" or something so that the next generation of Beatle fans aren't confused. 

He is coming back!

As the dates get closer to Paul McCartney's belated return to Australia, more and more Australian fans are posting photos from the last time Paul was there (1993) such as this great shot of Paul and Linda.  (Not sure ab out Paul's fashion choices in the 1990's)

Images from George's only North American solo tour

The family that wears only white

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Visiting Aunt Mimi -- my friend

This is a lovely story of a fan that spent the day with Aunt Mimi in 1967    Aunt Mimi was really sweet to the fans that wrote to her or visited her.   She doesn't ever get the credit for her kindness towards John's fans.    I am glad to have found a story like this that shows that she was so much like Mrs. Harrison in her kindness. 

Can you imagine listening to Sgt. Pepper with Aunt Mimi?    I am not sure what the writing was talking about with the stereo.  

Story found in the January 1968 "Lennon Lyric" fan magazine.    

This photo of John, Julian and Mimi would have been taken a few months before this story takes place.

September 16, 1967

I had been writing to Aunt Mimi for a few months, and I had phoned her the night before we met.  She was fabulous, and you could see so much of her in John.   She met us at her front door with smiles and a cheery voice.  I was frightened at first, but Lynne and I followed her into her large living room and made ourselves comfortable.   The first thing I noticed was the beautiful view from her large bay window of the water outside, the boats and the islands across from her. 

 When we finally did get situated, we told Aunt Mimi about meeting Paul and Ringo, about visiting Liverpool – Menlove Avenue, Forthlin road, NEMS, The Beatles Fan club,  Penny Lane, the Art College, and of course the Cavern  this is where she started her story of John, of catching him at the Cavern during his lunch hour from school and pulling him out.  She went on to tell us of many things, and she also showed us a few photos and cards made by John in his school days. 

  From the living room we went into the lounge (I supposed you’d call it that) where she has this enormous photo of John on the wall which Astrid, Stu’s girlfriend, had done of him when he was 18 years old.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Then we went back into the living room and talked some more – about life in general, The Beatles, their records, fans, and about us.  We drank tea, joked, took photos, and had a very good time.  

We had intended to stay just a little while, but time seemed to slip by so very quickly.  I, myself, was enjoying every minute and, through Aunt Mimi, I found myself knowing John so much better – not as a Beatle but as John Lennon, a young man from Liverpool.  And I felt myself so close to him, someone I hadn’t even met but already knew. 

  Aunt Mimi asked us to stay longer, and called the train station for us to find out when the trains left for London.  After that she insisted on finding us something to eat, something which she never does or had done for visiting fans.  I felt out of place with her going out of her way for us, but we helped in the kitchen, chatting on like old friends.  She fixed us John’s favorite of scrambled eggs with cheese on buttered toast.   Drinking more tea, eating and chatting, we sat in the dining room in a world of wonderment with a woman who was just Aunt Mimi when we arrived, but now had become a very deep friend to us. 

 After dinner, we went back into the living room and saw Tim, one of John’s old cats—quite beautiful he was, with long rusty-white fur.  We decided then to go out back and take photos and look at the waterfront.  From there we went back into the lounge where Aunt Mimi put on Sgt. Pepper for us on this enormous stereo John had sent it for her; it was the one on which he, Paul, George and Ringo had recorded their very first record, Love me do.  Lynne sat at one speaker and I at the other, listening and singing along with the music.  Mimi sat watching, occasionally going into he living room or fixing Tim something to eat. 

 Time seemed to be slipping by so quickly, but we had to leave.  Aunt Mimi did tell us that John’s cousin David was down from Scotland and she wanted us to meet him.  He was out at the shore spending the day.  We did have to leave, and I felt like crying because she was so wonderful and so much a friend.  She walked us out to catch the bus, and Lynne took moving pictures of her.  As the bus came, she held on to both my hands and told me to please return next year and visit her.   I f she only knew how much I wanted to…if she only knew how much she meant to me now, as a friend….a woman of dignity, sincerity and Love. 

Keeping the fans at bay

Someone must have tipped off a large group of fans if they set up those barriers.   However --- check out how close they get to be to George. 

George and John share the mic


Joining the Scaffold