Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thinking about George

Photo scanned from Sara Schmidt's photo collection
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I hope you all enjoy the George photos for today.    It is sad when I think just how long George has been gone.   I feel honored to have been alive and a Beatles fan for part of the time that George was on this earth. 

I always loved George, but for a long time I could never really relate to him.   I didn't quite get the spiritual stuff and I didn't really care for the Indian music.     I always thought George was pretty funny, but he also could come across as grumpy.   I thought he was an amazing lead guitarist but he just seemed a little quiet for me to really get to "know."

Since I began this site in 2009, my views on George Harrison have changed.     Much to my surprise, I have learned that out of the four Beatles, George was the one that went above and beyond for his fans even up until his death.    He stopped and talked to fans in his doorway at both of his houses and often times invited fans into his home for tea or soft drinks.      He posed for countless photos and signed thousands of autographs.     George would speak to the fans that were waiting on the steps of EMI or Apple.      Not that the other three were mean to the the fans, but I have read so many stories about George going above and beyond what he had to do as a famous person.

By learning this about George, it has made me listen to his music with new ears.    View his interviews a little differently.     And just in general appreciate him more than I ever have before.

My favorite George photo

Hello there

The quiet leaning one

Beautiful soul

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Studio time


I think this is one of the nicest photos of John and Yoko I have seen.   They both look natural and Yoko looks happy.

What's so funny boys?

I usually don't put photos with extreme watermarks on this blog, but I had to make an exception for this one.   John, George and Paul are happy about something and check out Ringo sneaking his smiling face in the background.   That along with Mal's extreme close up make this a great photo!

No more Mister Nice Guy

Co-ed Beatle fans

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving with the McCartney family

Photo taken by Linda McCartney

Paul shared this photo today of his family in the 1980's having a Thanksgiving meal.   Interesting that this British family would celebrate Thanksgiving, but with Linda being American, I would bet that she wanted to celebrate besides, when you are a McCartney, you have a lot to be thankful for.

Things are looking up

All smiles

Look at those two young men grinning from ear to ear!   Photos like this make my day!

Almost sneeze

John Lennon's 1979 Thanksgiving Photo

Photos by Fred Seaman 

Much thanks to Fred Seaman for posting these great photographs of the Lennon's Thanksgiving at Cold Spring Harbor in 1979.    Is John wearing a "Space Invadors" t-shirt?     Sometimes it is easy for us fans to forget that John was  man with a family that did normal things --- like eat Thanksgiving dinner while he lived in the United States.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Remembering David Cassidy

David Cassidy and Yoko on January 22, 1975

First of all, my deep sympathies goes out to the fans of David Cassidy.     While I am not in the generation that was a fan of his and only know about him through TV shows about "teen idols" and things like that.     But I keep reading that in the mid-1970's David had a bigger fan club than the Beatles ever had, so I know that there are a lot of you that feel today that you have lost a little bit of your young teenage years and are mourning his loss.   

David Cassidy was a Beatles fan.   And he got an opportunity to meet John Lennon and hang out with him during John's "Lost Weekend" era in Los Angles. 

Yeah, and he (John Lennon) came to my house on New Year's eve and we got drunk and played Beatles songs and I got to sing Paul's parts. When you play in casinos, they don't like you to tell stories so much, most times they say [brusquely] "Just play your songs." So instead I just say "I was lucky enough to play Beatles songs with John Lennon till five in the morning and here was one we played." Keep it short. John and I  became good friends when he was recording Rock and Roll so I was able to come down to the studio a couple of times and if you could imagine Phil Spector walking around with a fucking gun...It was nuts.

Here is another telling of the story:
John and Yoko had a friend who was a very close friend of mine, and he brought John over to my house. He just walked in, and it was New Year’s Eve, and I remember I was in the kitchen and Susan Dey [who played Cassidy’s sister Laurie Partridge on the TV show] tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘David, there’s a Beatle in the house!’ Later, we would go into my music room, we start playing, and I of course instantly go back to the early Beatles songs that I first learned, and since then he had written another 500 songs and hadn’t played with the Beatles in however long, so I retaught him a couple of the early Beatles songs! Please Please Me, some others. John was musically my hero, but what I also loved about him was he had a remarkable sense of humor, a great passion for life. He’s probably the most unique person I’ve ever met. To get to meet him, to get to know him, to get to play with him. And I remember one of the most amazing compliments I ever heard, they were asking John about the early days of The Beatles, and he said, ‘Oh don’t ask me, I don’t remember, ask David Cassidy, he was bigger than we were.’  I read that and I went, ‘Oh my God, how did that happen?’ It was such a great experience for me to get to know him.”

An interesting side note is that May Pang claims that John was jealous of Cassidy and accused May of having an affair with the teen star.    Apparently the three had lunch together one day and John thought the two of them were doing a lot of flirting and on top of that -- they both ordered the exact same thing.    John got really mad and swore that May was cheating on him.   What other explainatin could their be to both ordering the same food at a resturnant?  

David Cassidy has a small part in Wings history as well.    The 1976 Wings over America tour was supposed to have started in April of 1976, but it had to be postponded because lead guitarist, Jimmy  McCulloch broke his finger while wrestling backstage with (you guessed it) David Cassidy during a break from rehearsals in Texas.    Your lead guitarist cannot play guitar with a broken finger, and so everyone had to wait a month for Jimmy's finger to heal before the tour could begin.  

John & Yoko piano

I wonder where this piano is today. 

Paul sees a friend

Pouring the wine

Step Inside Love

Monday, November 20, 2017

John and Paul and the rushes

Best wishes Nancy!

Wishing Nancy Shevell a very happy birthday.   She has been good for Paul and has been nice to the fans.   It can't be exactly easy being married to Paul McCartney (although it is a task that I am sure many of you out there would be willing to tackle), and I think she does a good job of being Mrs. McCartney while still being Nancy Shevell.