Monday, October 2, 2017

Prayers for Las Vegas

The Beatles payed Las Vegas in 1964
Ringo in Las Vegas in 2001
Ringo in Vegas in 2013 for his book release
Paul plays Vegas in 2002
The Las Vegas Show "Love" premiere in 2006

I can't believe that I am writing yet another blog post like this.    Once again a terrible act of terror has happened at a concert.   This time in a town that Beatle fans from around the world have been visiting since 2006, Las Vegas Nevada.     The last time I looked, I read that 59 people have been murdered and the count of injured is over 400 concertgoers.     As always I pray for those who were there and are hurt physcially and emotionally.     It should not be a scary experience to go to a concert.   People should be allowed to go out for a night of music and fun without fearing for their lives.    And yet last night music fans were running for their lives.

I don't know what I personally can do about all of this.    The one thing I did after the Manchester attack, was that I spent a day in Manchester as a tourist.    I knew that Manchester was a city that thrived on tourism and that people weren't going to the city out of fear.   So in June I ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and took a tour of Manchester to support the city.   And so Beatle fans, while I am sure that Las Vegas is not going to lose money from tourists over this horrible act, I think we need to keep on keeping on.    Go see Love if you haven't seen it and are able to do so.    It is a great show.   Ringo is going to be in Las Vegas for a week.    If you have tickets to see him -- go ahead and enjoy the concert.     If you were thinking about going -- go!    We can't allow fear to stop us. 

Again I want to remind you all that we have to be alert and safe at all times.    When you arrive at a venue, always look for the exits that are closest to you.    Look for several exits and take a little time to look around your surroundings and think what you might do if something occured.     Always have a designated meet up spot set with family and friends should you get separated it.   Take a photograph of the meet up spot in case you forget.    Once something has happened, the fear of not knowing where your loved one is can be stressful and upsetting.     Always go with your gut feeling.   If something doesn't seem right or you don't feel safe, it is best to leave.    If you see or hear anything strange, report it right away.     These things won't stop terrible things from happening, but if you are a little prepared, then maybe you have a better chance of getting to safety quickly.     

Peace and love to each and everyone one of you. 

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