Sunday, September 17, 2017

Screaming at the Screen

From the look of this photo, one would guess that these were Beatles fan screaming at a live Beatles concert, but that is incorrect.   These fans are screaming at a Beatles concert that was recorded and shown on closed circuit -- the Beatles at Washington D.C.    The fans acted just like the Beatles were right there in front of them. 

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  1. I noticed that the newspaper in the photo is a Detroit Free Press - very cool to see that since Detroit is my hometown.

    While trying to find a copy of that front page, I found a Q&A section from the Free Press dated March 1, 1964. It gives an interesting insight into what the kids at that time had on their minds, including the "Stamp Out The Beatles" campaign.

    The Free Press titled this section, "Tell us about The Beatles'

    Q. Where could I write to the Beatles? - Dianna Kandler from Anchorville

    A. Write the Beatles for autographs and pictures in care of: Capital Records, Sperry-Rand Building, 1290 Sixth Avenue, New York, New York.

    Q. Please tell me how much money the Beatles made every time they were on the Ed Sullivan Show. Herbie Lightfoot from Walled Lake

    A. Sullivan did not reveal how much he paid the Beatles. He did say he gave them less than he gave Elvis Presley in 1958. Elvis' three Sullivan shows netted him $50,000.

    Q. I hope the teenagers of Detroit are proud of themselves. We had a good chance of the Beatles coming to Michigan and the "Stamp Out the Beatles" act fouled up everything. Now the closest we can get to them is TV and radio. A Beatle Fan from Romeo

    A. The Beatles at no time were scheduled to come to Michigan or Detroit during their recent stay. The "Stamp Out The Beatles" in Detroit was excellent publicity for them and, if possible, would have brought them to Detroit rather than keeping them away. The boys are publicity-wise and welcomed the "Stamp Out" campaign.

    Q. Did the Beatles come from the slums? Carolyn Bridges from Farmington

    A. The four are from lower middle class families in Liverpool which is a grim seaport city in the northwest of England.

    Q. What will the Beatles do after their final appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show? When will they appear on TV again? Charlene Smith from Lakeview

    A. The Beatles went home to England on February 21. Their final Sullivan appearance was on February 23. No new TV shows are set for them at present.They'll be making a movie, untitled as yet, in March in England.