Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Interviewing George

Interviewing George
By Dave Hull
KRLA Dee-Jay
Pasadena, Calif.

Dave:  Say George, I wonder if I could speak with you for just a moment?  I'm Dave Hull from KRLA.

George:  Oh hello.  How are you?

Dave:  I've had several conversations with your mother.

George:  Yeah.  I believe you have, yes.

Dave:  Has you mother asked you any questions about the amount to letters she's been receiving?   She's been most kind as you know in answering them.

George:  Well, I do know now, as I don't often get back to Liverpool.  In fact, the same with most of us, and the times we do get back to Liverpool, we spend just seeing our families.

Dave:  Do you get a chance to see your mother and father?

George:  Yeah, occasionally.  Oh yes, and if I can't go up there, they come down to see me whever I am.

Dave:  They do get a chance to see you then?

George:  My parents have been very good in answering letters.

Dave:  The best.

George: I know she said -- my mother said that she's had al ot of letters.  In fact, more letters from California, around this area than any other place.

Dave:  I'm responsible for that, and I hope she's not upset in any way.

George:  No, but you know, she enjoys it.  she likes it, and she likes all the kids who write to her, and you know, she appricates it.

Dave:  A lot of kids asked me about Pattie Boyd.  Goerge, are you engaged?

George:  No, no, not engaged, not married and no plans for marriage.

Dave:  Thank you very much, George.

Las Vegas

Dave:  George, there's a couple of questions I'd like to ask you.  Are the Beatles planning on visiting Disneyland?

George:  Disneyland?  No, don't think so.  You see, if we did suddenly think, "Let's go and see Disneyland," we make quick arrangements, and go there without letting anybody know.  Because if we said, "Yeah, we'll be going there on Monday,"  then there'd be thousans of poeple there, and we wouldnt' get to see it anyway.  But as far as we know, you know, we haven't made any plans to see it.

Dave:  I see.  Okay.  Are you planning on cutting a new record at Capitol Records in town on Monday?

George:  No.  I don't think so.

Dave:  What part in the movie did you like the best, "A Hard Day's Night."?

George:  Um, I liked the bit in the field.

Dave:  Yes.

George:  I don't know about making it.  Making the film, I don't know.  I think I enjoyed the scene in the bathroom.

Dave:  With John in the tub?

George:  Yeah, that's making it.  But just as of in the film, I prefer the bit in the field.

Dave:  I see.  I do want you to please convey my best wishes to your mother.

George:  Okay

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