Sunday, September 10, 2017

A little Harrison on the keyboards

I don't know much about this photo.   Just that in 1999 George did an impromtu performance on keyboard and uke.    Any George fans out there know more about this?


  1. When in doubt.... head for Seriously Andrea does a magnificent Job- here is her recent post about this very event. This was when George performed (on guitar, piano and ukulele) with Andy Lee Lang & The Spirit for about 90 minutes aboard the yacht Savarona on the occasion of Gerhard Berger’s 40th birthday party, Olbia, Sardinia, 20 August 1999.

    Andrea's work is invaluable and we George fans are lucky to have her

    1. I completely agree. Andrea's page is the place to go for George information. She does an outstanding job. I just couldn't find this information on her page. Thanks!

    2. Thank you - and I know Andrea has great respect for you and is grateful for all your wonderful work as do I!

  2. Gerhard Berger's Birthday Party.Sardinia, Olbia, Savarona Yacht;August 20th 1999.

    Source: (

  3. talented and fabulous George