Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ringo sells Brookfield

This article came from a Dutch magazine.   I translated it the best that I could.    It is a funny article because you think it is going to be about Ringo selling his home, but it seems more like a real estate advertisement!

Ringo Starr from landowner to city citizen

Ringo Starr is currently the least controversial but, by contrast, the most popular of the four Beatles. This is mainly thanks to his activities in the field of film and, in particular, his role in alongside Peter Sellers in the film "The Magic Christian".  These film activities, however, are also the reason why Ringo lives in the fantastic estate that he had just bought from Peter Sellers and will sell again. 

Brookfield, as the estate is called, is so far from London that Ringo can no longer combine the  vast task of a landowner with his rapidly expanding work as an actor. And since these latter activities are the most important for him at the moment, Brookfield has to be sold. But Ringo is at heart.
Understandably, because this estate is a real gem. The country house dates back to the 16th century, but has been modernized and expanded. It has three large salons, four bedrooms with attached bathroom, an extremely modern kitchen and central heating in every room. In addition, there is a home cinema, a sauna, a garage that seats five cars and a stable for six horses. On the estate, which is bordered by the Wey River, is a true paradise for anglers, we find a pond, enchanting beautiful gardens and vineyards and an extensive forest.

All in all, you will be able to imagine that Ringo does not like leaving this fantastic estate, and once he has to sell it, he deserves a great deal  of money for  it.   Almost 100,000 must bring it!  For Ringo, the rustic existence of a landowner  must be exchanged for the hottest life in the London city.  He once again wandered in and across the beautiful Brookfield. Our photographer followed him and while Ringo explained his goodbye to the countryside and his estate 

Original caption:   The billiard room, in which Ringo  spends a lot of relaxing hours, looks out on the forest and part of the pond.

original caption:   Ringo arrives in his Mercedes 600 for the last inspection of his estate

Original caption:   With clothes and already in the sauna. You have to make sense ...

Original caption:  A lawnmower is not luxury with all those gardens and lawns

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