Thursday, August 31, 2017

Paul goes to college

To the shock of the co-eds moving into Yale today, they were shocked to see Sir Paul McCartney on campus.    Why was Paul at the famed University?   Was he planning on taking classes this semester?  Is he there to teach a class?    No no---he is there with his oldest grandson, Aurther, to get him enrolled and moved into his new college!      While he was there, he shook hands and chatted with other college kids that were moving in.  

So if you live in Connecticut --   be on the look-out for Paul over the next four years because you never know when he might be around, visiting his grandson!

And a side note:  How can Aurther already be in college?   I remember when he was born!   I even remember going to Beatlefest the year he was born and Barry Miles was there telling us how he had lunch with Paul and Paul was showing off baby pictures of his newly born grandson.    My how time flies!


  1. Ah, it's a long and winding bus-ride from Liverpool Institute to Yale...

  2. And....Paul has an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Yale.

  3. the press is already busy with this so Arthur is a celebrity now