Sunday, August 27, 2017

One of the saddest days in Beatles history

The top photo was taken earlier in the day.   The Beatles were carefree and happy and laughing about something.   Then the phone call that changed their lives came through:  Brian Epstein had died.   You can see the pain on their faces -- the guys and the ladies.   They loved Brian and saw him an a mentor and friend.    He was the best man at their weddings (except for Paul), and gave all of himself to them.    I am not sure if August 27, 1967 is the single saddest day in the history of the Beatles (finding out that Stu had died is up there as well), but it is one of the saddest and the day that began the ultimate break up of the Beatles.


  1. I never knew that the group shots of the Beatles with their girls and the Maharishi were taken on the same day that Brian died. Sad times indeed.(MarkZapp)

  2. I was just listening to an interview from that moment yesterday and the (stupid) man kept asking them what their plans were, etc. etc... They had JUST heard and were totally stunned, how could they have any plans?

  3. They all look shocked, but John really did wear his heart/emotions on his sleeve didn't he - he looks absolutely devastated, especially in that last photo. Just gutted. And to even begin to 'process' something like that in front of everyone.... for someone as inwardly fragile as John... it makes my heart ache especially for him even now.