Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Eclipse day!

photo by Mary McCartney

Here in the United States it is Eclipse Day!    It has been really fun wearing our silly glasses and looking at the sun as the moon takes it over in a total eclipse.   Where I live, I was able to see 99.5% totality and was with a group of 8 year olds that had fun.  

In keeping with the fun, I hope you all get at least a chuckle out of the set of photos with my own take on the eclipse theme.


  1. A great star watching the planets. Thoughts go out to
    Richie and Moony, big stars, and GREAT drummers.

  2. Paul? Sure looks different.

  3. I almost didn't notice it. Paul has a very low chin strap beard here!

    1. I think, but not sure, that that is just an old man`s beard. he`ll have more hair coming out of his ears than on his face nowadays. Look at his arms, not as hairy as when he was in his 20s