Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Watergate summer

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  1. Was that taken in Washington? Relates to a paragraph in a feature on '1973' I wrote for Film International last year. Here is the para:
    Chairman Sam Ervin of the Senate Watergate Committee invited John Lennon to the public testimony of John Dean in June 1973. Damning testimony over five days from the former president’s counsel was first to implicate Nixon in the Watergate cover-up, in astonishing detail; first to suspect a taping system in the Oval Office: Dean made an anti-climax of even Haldeman and Ehrlichman’s later appearances. It was Dean Vs Nixon now. “We have been following it on TV — but there’s nothing like the ‘real thing’,” John Lennon wrote to thank Ervin’s office. Lennon was fighting a deportation order at the time. “We apologize for leaving without saying goodbye — we had to escape rather quickly!” (Hunter Davies (ed) The John Lennon Letters. 251)