Thursday, July 6, 2017

the Larry King Love debacle of 2007

Remember this embarrassing interview from 2007?   Paul and Ringo were on the Larry King program (with Olivia and Yoko joining them later in the program).   They were celebrating the one year interview of the Love Show in Las Vegas and were unveiling photos of John and George to honor them.

It was sort of a big deal for fans at the time.      It isn't every day that the two living Beatles are interviewed together.   Even now it is a big deal.   It is exciting.    I was sitting at my back television, trying to record the show on my DVD recorder (a short-lived gadget).  

Larry King asks dumb questions.   He really does.   I never cared for him as an interviewer.    So he has Paul and Ringo in front of him and what does he ask?   "Where were you when you heard that John had died?"    First of all---fans already know where they were.   And second---isn't that an insensitive question to ask?   I would not bring up John's death---that is a touchy and sad subject, especially when they were there to celebrate the success of the Love show.    Talk about John?  Sure!  Focus on his death?  Why?    So Paul answers that he was at his home in Sussex and his manager at the time called.   Then Larry King goes, "and where were you, George?"     Excuse me??    He couldn't even get Ringo's name right on national television.    All respect any Beatle fan had for Larry King went out the window at that point.

But---it still was good to see the Beatle family together.


  1. couldn't wait for this interview and Larry King blew it completely

  2. He said the name by accident just like you misspell words on here all the time. We are all human. The Love show is something that I barely squeeze in the world of The Beatles but do because it is vaguely related to them. Larry's interview was not THAT bad.

  3. It was pretty bad. Paul & Ringo are just sitting it out.