Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Not into gambling

So as this is posted, I will be in Las Vegas.    I have never been to Las Vegas before mostly because I don't gamble.   We have a big gambling boat in my hometown.  I could go any time I want and it just seems like a boring waste of money to me.  

But---I do want to see the Love show.   So I think I will hang out at the pool at the hotel for a lot of this trip.    I am just tagging along anyhow.    

Those who were there claim that John Lennon refused to even touch the slot machine that was brought into the Beatles hotel room in Las Vegas.   He posed for some publicity photos, but if you look---he is not touchig the machine in any of them.  


  1. These are great, No way the Nevada Gaming Commission ever let's that happen these days.

  2. Vegas can be a lot of fun away from the pool, so I hope you enjoy some of its other 'delights.' ;-) (Top Golf is fun.) You are going to looooove the Love show! Haven't seen this newest version, I need to go back and see it again. Wonder why John didn't touch the slot machines... afraid he'd like it too much perhaps?

  3. I'm pretty sure that the bottom photo of Paul is the first one that I have ever seen of them with the one armed bandits in Las Vegas in color. (MarkZapp)