Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Linda: Quit the Band! I've Just Joined!

Thanks to our old dear French friend, Bruno, I have a lot of great Paul McCartney and Wings articles that I am going to be sharing from 1972-1973.   This first one is a quick one, but it shows how much Linda was disliked not only as a person, but as a band member.    What do you call a dog with wings? Asked the silly joke from those days?  The answer was--Linda McCartney. 

Linda:  "Quit the Band!  I've Just Joined"

Author unknown from 1972

A rumor that Linda McCartney is to quit Wings is emphatically denied by both Linda and Paul this week.  

The story , probably emanating from the less than adulatory criticism of Linda's playing on the opening concert for the band's European tour implied that the other members of the group were not too happy with Mrs. McCartney's keyboard prowess.  But Paul said, "We all like having Linda in the group.  she is a great influence on us.  She is no Billy Preston, granted, but actually I would not like a very technical keyboard player in the group because they tend to take over."

"I know most of the criticism says Linda is the weakest member of the group and if you are going to be like that well, she is.   she is the only member of the group who isn't like, professional.  But it is too bad.  If people don't like it, then they should not come next time.  I couldn't care less."

And Linda said, "Quit the band!  I have only just joined.  I love playing with Wings.  It's great playing to an audience.  I never knew how good it was.  Paul used to say he missed playing to live audiences but I never understood it until we started playing -- and it's so different."

Wings played two sell-out concerts at the 2,000 seater Olympia, Paris, on Sunday and got the best reception so far of the tour.

Said Paul, "They told us -- watch out for Paris, the audience will be tough--but it was great.  We are very happy with the response and the way the band is getting together."


  1. "dog with wings - linda" absolutely but Paul in concert was the main event anyway

  2. I don't think that you should have even printed that tasteless joke.

  3. remembered this and laughed again today; seriously though it shows how Paul needed that support all the time then