Thursday, July 6, 2017

60 years of John and Paul!

Today marks a wonderful day in Beatles history.    It was 60 years ago TODAY that John Lennon and his band, The Quarry Men performed at the the church fete and Paul McCartney was in the audience.  Paul met the guys inside the church, played a little "20 Flight Rock" and well--history was made!

I was lucky enough to be at St. Peter's church two weeks ago.   Here are the photos I took of the area.  The stage from the hall is no longer there---instead it is in the Liverpool Museum down on the dock area.  It is really difficult to photograph the stage, but I did see it.

Photographs on display from July 6, 1957

Since a photograph wasn't taken of John and Paul meeting artist, Eric Cash painted this amazing depiction of what it was like.  Look at the details!

Here I am standing where the stage was back in 1957

Jackie Spencer shows the Rose Queen cape that was worn by the Rose Queen of 1957.