Sunday, June 25, 2017

Let's hear it for Eppy

These are the last photographs that I am aware of that show Brian Epstein with members of the Beatles.    I like these photos because Brian seems relaxed and happy around the guys.     I am sure he was proud of the Beatles during the recording of "All you need is love."  


  1. Brian does look happy here - rip Mr. E.

    1. and handsome as well

  2. Bless him, the poor tormented man

  3. who are the people in the 3rd picture w/Brian

  4. brilliant snaps of Brian & the lads

  5. That is Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, until his death in 1978, along with his girlfriend. Keith died of an accidental drug overdose. The night before he died he was photographed sitting
    with Paul and Linda at one of their Buddy Holly celebrations. He was good friends with Ringo and appears with him in The Who documentary "The Kids Are Alright". (MarkZapp)

  6. Is this the ONLY time in 1967 that Brian was photographed with The Beatles? I can't recall any other photos of them together than on this occasion. Are there any of Ringo and Brian together from this year?(MarkZapp)