Monday, May 22, 2017

Prayers for Manchester

Beatles in Manchester in 1964 for a TV show 
Beatles concert Manchester 1965

Wings backstage in Manchester in 1975
Paul and Linda backstage in Manchester during the 1979 Wings UK tour 

Paul plays Manchester in 2011

Ringo in Manchester in 2011

Words escape me in regards to the terrible tragedy that unfolded tonight in Manchester, England at the Ariana Grande concert.      As music lovers, we go to concerts to have a fun time and have a temporary escape from the real world.     Some of the most fun I have had and some of the best memories of my life have been at concerts.     The fans that went to that show tonight should have had a good night and gone home.    But 19 people won't be going home and others are in hospitals.  

The scary thing is that it could have been any of us.     A terrorist (and to me anyone who intends on killing people is a terrorist) can go to any concert, even a Paul McCartney concert, and do the unthinkable.     Is this going to stop us from going?    I sure hope not.       While you can't prevent a terrible event from happening, you can make sure that when you are in a large crowd that you are aware of your surroundings.    Always locate your nearest exit and have a mental plan on how you will get out if need be before the show starts.    Have a "if we get separated" plan with family and friends that you are attending with.     And go with your gut feeling.   If someone or something doesn't seem right, it most likely isn't and you need to tell someone in authority about it.  

My tear-filled prayers go out to everyone that was at this concert.    I pray for those who are injured and that they heal quickly.   I pray for the family and friends of those who were murdered tonight and that they can find out the information quickly and have peace.  

We need peace and love now more than ever.


  1. Nicely said.

    — Joe

  2. This is very sad and disturbing news. These fans probably had waited months to see her perform and to go from the highest high of the concert to the lowest low, of being scared, injured or worse, in a matter of seconds is just beyond comprehension. (MarkZapp)

  3. My heart goes out to the victims and their families - people who will never be the same again. I am 65 years old and long for a time when the thought of something like this happening never even crossed our mind.

  4. This is terrible, my kids are always going to concerts, it could happened to them. I can not imagine those parents and family how they are feeling right now.... omg!!!!!! How evil killing inocente people.....
    God give the strength to those parents, brother and sisters and other family to continue living day by day becouse if that happened to my kids I would rather be dead.....🙏🏻💒❤

  5. I'm ashamed of this sick evil world we live in I feel for all the families if those that have died been hurt traumatised in any way I wish with all my heart I could ease yr pain but I will go on praying for you all daily I'm so dreadfully sorry God bless you all

  6. I have been to a ton of concerts in my lifetime (66 on Monday), and something like this is unthinkable. I often worry about the artist onstage, how vulnerable they are. Any sick person could have a gun and hurt them. Here in Brazil there are no metal detectors when you go into a concert. I hope they will reconsider that after this horrifying tragedy. I worry about big crowds getting out of control, but I never imagined someone wanting to kill children and teenagers out to have some fun. It's indeed a sick and evil world. My heart goes out to all the families who are going through this major nightmare.