Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let it Be premiere

When Let it Be Premiere on May 20, 1970, the Beatles were officially broken up as a band.    However, fans still weren't sure if at least some of the band members would make an appearance.   Of course none of the Beatles came to see Let it Be on the big screen, but let's take a look back at who WAS at the premiere.  


  1. Can someone tell me why Jane Asher was there? Linda's in the film

  2. Very, very interesting that Jane Asher went to the premiere.... love Mary Hopkin's cloak!

  3. Tony Bramwell wearing a blue suede jacket gifted to him by John Wayne, and his girlfriend at the time, Julie Ege from Norway.

  4. jane really was beautiful in this pic

    1. Yes
      Jane's blue eyes and red hair is quite stunning for sure !

  5. Jane's appearance at the premiere of "Let It Be" will always be one of the most head scratching events in Beatles history to me. Did Derek, Mal, Neil or George Martin attend? I have never heard of their presence there either.(MarkZapp)

  6. When we see these Jane pics attending at the Let it Be premiere we can't help but think what did she felt?
    Also we read that Cyn attended too, but saldy any pics haven't been published (... yet!)