Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beatles Off Limits to LBJ's Daughters

Please Daddy---let the Beatles come visit our house.

Beatles off Limits to LBJ's Daughters

Washington (UPI).  The Beatles -- four reasons why there may not always be an England -- arrived  in the nation's Capital Tuesday to shake their floor mop haircuts before thousands of screaming teenagers.

The British youths came from New York by train for a whirlwind tour of Washington, a sold-out concert Tuesday night, a visit to an Embassy ball, and a possible tour of the White House.

One occupant of the White House couldn't have been more delighted.  President Johnson's 16 year old daughter Lucy Baines wanted to meet the Beatles.  But a White House spokesman said home work comes before rock n roll, and Lucy and her sister Lynda did not get a chance to see the Beatles perform.

After the concert, The Beatles planned to switch from teenagers to diplomats.

They were scheduled to appear at a masked celebrity ball given by the British Embassy, but a spokesman stressed that they would just peer out from under their thatched roof haircuts.  They were not scheduled to sing.

Lady Ormsby gore, the ambassador's wife, is giving the ball for two charities -- one of them Britian's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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