Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fake news of 1970

Some news items I found in a scrapbook that never came to surface. 

Newspaper article from 1970

John Lennon surprised the entertainment watchers again by signing with the BBC to play the role of Christ in a 13 week series set to film in the Holy Lands entitled "That Jesus Saga."  One wouldn't think Lennon's still trying to rectify that boner of four years ago when he said of the Beatles:  "We're bigger than Jesus,"  But maybe so...

Not only is it most unlikely that the Beatles will ever get back together again for a movie, the differences among them are growing tremendously.  It's nothing calculated or intentional.  It's just simply that Ringo Starr's not sitting around wasting time or letting personal problems get the best of him.  While John Lennon gets all the publicity, Ringo (the least likely) decides to do another motion picture.  Hs next movie may cast him opposite Carol White in "The Impotent."

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  1. By The Way the Picture is from the German BRAVO Poster Edition from 1974.