Thursday, April 6, 2017

A bit too much stage make-up

"in 1962 Carol Roper was  a 19 year old secretary.  Her job as a radio DJ at the RAF base at Finningley gave her the chance to meet the boys.  "They invited me to a party but my dad said to be home by 11."


  1. No, it seems the eyes were really made-up like this - there are other photos featuring the same look and while those (being done for official use) might have been retouched, a photo with a fan probably wouldn`t have gotten the same treatment.

  2. Doncaster Gaumont, 5th February 1963. And the eye make-up was NOT photo-shopped in!!

    1. Thank you! I thought it felt more like 1963, but the caption said 1962. Obviously the eye make up was not photo shopped! I scanned this photo from a magazine. It was a photo that a fan shared to the magazine in the 1980's.