Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shennon and Lotton

Very sad news earlier today that John Lennon's best friend forever, Pete Shotton passed away from apparently a heart attack.    Pete and John were two peas in a pod during the time they grew up in Liverpool.   They caused mischief everywhere they went together.    Pete played the washboard with the Quarry Men for awhile, but wasn't very musically inclined, so it ended with the washboard being broke over his head.

Once John Lennon became famous, he never forgot his best childhood pal.    Pete was often around and ended up working for Apple for a time.  

Pete Shotton's book is a must read for all John Lennon fans.  He was someone that knew John Lennon better than just about anyone else (with a few exceptions) and he will be missed.

Ivan Vaughn and Pete Shotton


  1. Sadly, the circle shrinks further.

  2. So sorry to hear this. Just finished rereading his book not too long ago.

  3. Pete was a realLy nice guy,kind natured, and back in the 60's a pleasure to have around. A well chosen friend by John.
    R.I.P pete, if you can with most of your mates there with you.

  4. Well, bad news/good news: the BFFs are back together now, aren't they?

  5. Pete was always one of my favorite Beatle family members and I'm grateful to him for the role he played in John's life. So saddened to hear of his passing. Hope he's playing that great washboard in the sky. RIP

  6. RIP Pete.

    Read the book a few times.Very funny.A good guy.