Thursday, March 9, 2017

It was 8 years ago today

Exactly eight years ago I posted this photo and thus began the "Meet the Beatles...for Real" blog.   When I posted a series of photos of the Beatle arriving at EMI, I had no idea just how many people would be reached.  

I just thought myself and a few close friends would look at it.   Boy was a wrong!

I want to take a little time to thank every single one of you who have become part of the MTBFR family over the years.   Even those of you who lurk and I have no clue who you are (hi!), are part of what makes this place special for so many others.     Together we are becoming part of Beatles fan history.

I hope that at some point over the past eight years, this blog has made you smile, laugh and maybe even cry.  

Beatles 4-ever!

Peace and love,
Sara S.


  1. Congratulations on eight years of FAB, FAB, FAB postings. If you have to have a blog on someone, it might as well be The Beatles! Thank you for all of your work. It makes me wonder if there are literally millions of photos of The Beatles both together and solo.(MarkZapp)

  2. Happy anniversary and thanks for all your great posts from a resident 'lurker'! 8>)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I've been a daily visitor since the early days. (Also want you to know I appreciate you've kept this as a blog, available to all, rather than only using Facebook, as I don't do Facebook!)

  4. God bless ya, Sara! Look forward to it everyday!

  5. Congrats from someone who's been visiting your blog "Since 1963". LOL

  6. Congratulations on a totally FAB blog, dear Sara! Thank you for all the time and effort on keeping this one of the best on the internet! You know I am here every day... Regards from a hot Summer morning in Rio.

  7. Thank you Sara for your wonderful blog - it is much appreciated!