Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A is for Apple -- Book recommendation

Tonight for my "Wednesday Review" I am not going to review a book per-say, but recommend one that is about to be published.

In 2015 a 600+ page book on the Beatles Apple years from 1966-68 was published by Apcor called "A is for Apple:  An Illustrated history of the Beatles multimedia corporation" written by Axel Korinth, Ed Dieckmann and Antonio Caroselli.  

The large full colored book has everything you ever needed to know about the Beatles and the formation of Apple.   If you are a record collector, there are photos of each album.  If you are someone that likes to know the history of Apple, then this is a book for you.    It is a beautiful book full of information.    It is a book that I haven't read all the way through, but I have used it as a reference more time than I can count.  

Well, I am involved with "A is for Apple volume 2:  Winter of Discontent"   This volume covers January 1969-March 1969 so you will read all about the Get Back sessions, Jackie Lomax Sessions, the Yellow Submarine album, John and Yoko's Bed-in and other outings from that time-period,  all about a puppet show series that was produced by Apple and is now forgotten, and so much more.   This book is really going to be THE book that covers the beginning of 1969 and will have everything you would ever need to know about that time period.

What did I do for this book?   Honestly my contribution was fairly small when you see the size of volume 2.     I wrote about the beginnings of the Apple Scruffs and about Paul and Linda's wedding.  Information about the fans that were regulars and what happened in March of 1969 with them.     I also included some rare photographs from that time that I am sure you will enjoy.

Volume 1 sold out quickly, and I am sure that everyone that bought volume 1 will want volume 2.   Good news is that Volume 1 is being re-printed, so if you missed out the first time, you can get it now.    Volume 2 has been sent to the printers and will be available in the next few week.    So NOW is the time to order it.    Fair warning:  It is an expensive book and shipping is expensive as well, however it is worth it.    If you like Bruce Spizer's books then you will love these books as well.    I feel badly for fans that are on a tight budget and just simply can't afford it, but books like these are well-done and expensive to print.  

If you order now you will get a FREE limited Jackie Lomax single 45.  

Check out the webpage to order and to see a free sample of what to expect!

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