Sunday, February 12, 2017

Up-close with the Beatles

One fortunate fan in 1963 was able to meet all four Beatles and snapped some very nice close-up shots of each guy.   She also was lucky enough to get her clutch purse signed by all four.   I get it--if you don't have someone for them to sign, you get them to sign whatever you can find and in her case--it was her purse!


  1. These are particularly lovely close ups of George and John. I bet she pinned them to her wall (and pined over them) for months to come!

  2. Looks like a press conference or meet-and-greet taking place in an instrument store. Please Please Me is visible. Where/When was that?

  3. October 28, 1963. Waidele record shop, BorĂ¥s, Sweden. The Beatles spent half and hour signing records.