Monday, January 2, 2017

MTBFR update for January 2017

Once again I want to wish all of you a very  happy 2017!

I wanted to remind you all of a few things.   The first is that I have Beatles photographs for sale.   You can order them at      If you are interested in any photo that says "out of stock" please just let me know that you are interested and I will be able to get a copy made for you.    

If you have any Beatles encounters this year, or have had any in the past that you wouldn't mind being shared on this blog, please email me at and I will get your story up on this blog to share with the world.   If you have a story and you aren't sure about sharing it, I really want to encourage you to do so.   Each story is a little part of a puzzle for us Beatle fans.  Plus they are so much fun to read.

If you have any suggestions for books or films for me to review for Wednesday Review this year, please email me with them.    I enjoy reading and reviewing the new books, but it is also fun to have a second look back on older titles as well.

Back in 2013 I had a survey to get to know who comes to this blog.    I am having the survey again with almost the same questions to see how things are the same or how they have changed.   Please take this short (only 10 questions) survey and help me out.   I will share what I discover.

Peace and love to you all!

Sara S.

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