Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just a Daddy and his son

I know people have a lot of very strong views about John and his treatment of Julian.   And I agree with them---John SHOULD have been there for his son.    It is sort of hard to grasp that John was willing to go to the United States to locate Yoko's daughter, while leaving his own son behind.   However---I know that John loved Julian.   And I think this is a sweet photo.  Julian is playing while his Daddy is playing his guitar.   They look comfortable together.   What  a hard year 1968 had to have been on little Julian.


  1. very lovely snap - so long ago

  2. Sara,I love your commentary here.I was looking at the photo thinking...."poor Julian,John was really an Ass$%@# ",but at that age so was I.I'm sure Lennon regretted his neglect.Anyway I appreciate your even handedness.

  3. .....God bless you.