Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The final answer

Whenever I read Paul's "self-interview" that came out with the McCartney album, I never read it as "the Beatles are breaking up."   I felt like he sort of left it open.   And I think in 1970, I would have thought that the guys were taking some time to work on their own projects, but would get back together in a few years as the Beatles and make another album.    Who ever heard of a rock n roll band formally breaking up anyway?    But Paul squashed all of that hope in this August 1970 letter to Melody Maker.


  1. his letter was good - right to the point

  2. Paul now owns that letter again. He won it on one of those upscale auctions.(MarkZapp)

  3. too bad he doesn't own the one John wrote to him that's up for big bucks now