Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Beatles and Dave

This photo was taken of the Beatles with David Shriver, who was a well known session musician who played and toured with  Trini Lopez.   Of course Trini was on the bill with the Beatles during the concert in France in January 1964.   David had this photo taken backstage at one of the stop on the tour.   The photo is blurry, but you can still make out the Beatles!


  1. Paul doesn't quite look like Paul here. (MarkZapp)

  2. I find if disheartening when people, not Dave’s Family or Children, were never asked about Posting private pictures that were taken, with out permission, which are the Property of his Children, by Cheryl, and his Gold Records. Such a travesty and illegal what these people have done. Embellishing their own narrative and Stories about his life. Bruce did not ask one of Dave’s Siblings nor one of his 8 Children, anything about his life and accomplishments. You can make an unauthorized Biography about a Celebrity, but you can not make up your own Stories. Which, in fact why that Tribute is not being shown. And people showing private pictures that are the Property of The Dave Shriver Estate of his surviving children and the Executor of his Estate. There is still a Cash reward for the return of Property, Pictures, etc. His children are easy to find. Faith through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. I am sorry, anonymous, but I really do not have any idea what you are referring to. Was this photograph not supposed to be shared with the public? Do you want me to remove it from this site?