Monday, November 7, 2016

Ringo for President 2016!

It is that time again---time for those of us in the United States to vote for the President.   However there is only one person that I truly want for the job---and he has been on the ticket every year since 1964.   Ringo for president!  

He is running on the peace and love ticket and will not be signing autographs.  As the song "I want Ringo (Ringo for President)" states:  "his platform will be fair with music everywhere."

In 1964, some Beatles fans took to the streets of San Francisco outside of the Republican National Convention with "Ringo for President" signs.   The press thought it was a cute story and ran tons of photos of the fans.

From there everyone got on the "Ringo for President" kick---and why not?   The Beatles were interviewed about the campaign and had this to say:

Q: Ringo, how do you feel about the 'Ringo for President' campaign?

RINGO: Well, it's rather... It's marvelous!

Q: Assuming you were President of the United States, would you make any political promises?

RINGO: I don't know, you know. I'm not sort of politically minded.

JOHN: Aren't you?

RINGO: No, John. Believe me.

PAUL: I think you should be President.

JOHN: I saw you dancing with Bessie Braddock.

Q: How do the other guys feel about Ringo being nominated for President?

JOHN: We think he should win, you know.

PAUL: Yes, we think he should.

GEORGE: Definitely in favor.

Q: Ringo, would you nominate the others as part of your cabinet?

RINGO: Well, I'd have to... wouldn't I?

GEORGE: I could be the door.

RINGO: I'd have George as treasurer.

JOHN: I could be the cupboard!

RINGO: He looks after the money.

If you haven't been campaigning for Ringo this year---it isn't too late!   Just quickly make these buttons and you will help out the cause!  

Have a great election day!

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