Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I hope no one is tired of these....

I think the last time I posted photos of John from "How I won the War", I said it would be the last batch.   And then what happened?   I found more on my computer that I hadn't shared.   And since I love John's look so much from this time (didn't really care of the film, but liked the look!), I decided to just go through the files and pull out the ones that haven't been shared and call it a day.    So these will be the last ones for at least a while.


  1. Tired?????.... of looking at this face.... and that cheeky smile... is that even possible......???

  2. Sara? It's John Lennon - go crazy!(MarkZapp) Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. That is why I posted them! I am going crazy over them. I just hope no one at home is going "How I won the war photos---again...come on Sara!"

  3. Awesome photo of John playing cricket. What else could an Englishman do in the desert !!

  4. Come on Sara! You should know your Lennon fans by now: we will NEVER get tired! Keep them coming!

  5. Is it possible to get tired of John's HIWTW photos??? (Happy Thanksgiving, Sara!)

  6. John's photos from the film are great !
    When will they release the movie with English subtitles so I can understand what their saying?